Sunday, January 16, 2011

Setting Deadlines

I ran into a friend of mine at the quilt store yesterday.  She was picking out fabric for a new project, but at the time, the project had not been decided on yet.  Would it be a quick crazy quilt or would it be made out of diamonds? It wasn't a class sample, but she did have a deadline to keep because it was for a co-worker going out for surgery.   

We both agreed, deadlines are our friend.  Without them we find growing grass absolutely fascinating.  Or, these days, melting snow.  If the temperature cooperates at all, the snow will actually start to melt!

Some of the quilt stores in this area use nice handled bags.  I had accumulated so many of them I decided I had to put them to use.  I started putting my UFO's in the bags with the fabrics and the pattern/book and storing them for a day when I was looking for a "new" project to work on.  Hey, some of these babies have been sitting around for a while - by the time I actually get around to working on them again, they'll feel new!

Sew I've decided that I should probably pick a few of these old projects and put a deadline on them.  The very first one needs to be for my niece.  She was married two years ago (or was it three?).  I made a signature quilt by having the guests sign a block and write what they'd like.  I still have the last two rows to sew on and then put on those blasted borders.  Thankfully, she's family and very forgiving!!  I think once she sees the finished product she'll forgive me, don't you?   If I can get that done, I'll pick another one and with any luck hack away at the number of UFO's.  

I just picked these up from the quilter today.  From there I went directly to the quilt store to pick out my bindings.  Not sure I'll actually get the chance to sew tonight but I'm hoping at least one binding will be on by the end of the week.

With any luck, by the end of the month I'll have two more UFO's with a big "X" in the finished column on the spreadsheet.  Unfortunately, however, I have three more to add.  Sew, although I may never see my UFO total go below the 50 mark, I will continue to hack away at the list.  Every finished project inspires me to continue on to the next one.  

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