Saturday, January 8, 2011

I Love My Rulers

While working on my next project today, I realized I have a ton of rulers - all used for different things.  I have X-Block rulers, the Strip Tube Ruler, Omni Grid Rulers, Spiky & Peak rulers, Creative Grid Rulers and the list goes on.  They come in all shapes and sizes, they're all great in their own way and used for all purposes.  I then started thinking about how my ruler collection started... way back when.

I'm pretty sure any of us that have been quilting for a long time, started off with the Quilter's Ruler - hopefully, I have the name correct, it's been so long!  Bring back any memories?  At the time, it was a great ruler, perhaps even revolutionary because it allowed us to use our rotary cutters in a safer, more accurate manner.  

Then other companies came along and improved the concept.  Rulers were now made out of better plastic and had lines that helped me see the fabric better and offered me even more accuracy.   

So, now that I've rambled on about all my rulers, what all can these babies do??

This top is made with two different sized X-Block rulers.  I have a friend that twitches every time I mention this ruler.  The ruler itself is not hard to use, but you do need to be very comfortable with your 1/4" seam allowance and be willing to adjust it to make the patterns work.

This top, along with my newly quilted Transitions, were both made using the Strip Tube ruler.  Again, must be comfortable with your 1/4".  

Some patterns are more forgiving, as long as you're consistent, you can get away with a bigger or smaller seam allowance.  However, with some of these specialty rulers, there's no room for forgiveness.  It's their way or the highway!  

This one might call for a bright green variegated thread for quilting, too.  Definitely something bright (like me!)

This was made using my 60 degree triangle ruler. I have another top in the works, using the same concept of sewing strips together and then cutting out triangles that will be made into stars. Made the quilting appointment today for January 21. I've decided to keep the top and bottom as is and not cut off the points. Getting the binding on this one will certainly be interesting!

And finally, a version of the Tennessee Waltz block (I believe that's the correct name) using my peaky and spike rulers.  I love this top - I've been working on this one for at least two years.  I tend to sew the various stages of 4-patches together in between other projects rather than use the same piece of fabric over and over as my leader.

So now you've seen some of what I've done with my "specialty" rulers.  I won't even go into the shapes and sizes of my "regular" rulers, we could be here all night!  I love my rulers and use each and every one.  My original Quilter's Ruler is long gone, however.  The poor girl was old and tired but offered many hours of unlimited use.


  1. I wasnt one for special rulers but since doing the RRCB I am sold on the Easy Angle and companion ruler that Bonnie Hunter suggested using. Love them! I did try The X-block ruler too. You are so right about the exact seam allowance with this one. The main blocks I made were great but the tiny border units didnt work out so good.

  2. You are the Ruler Queen!! LOVE the blog!