Saturday, June 25, 2011

I'm back

Hello everyone!  Sorry to be away for so long but life really has been getting in the way.  In short, I overbooked myself for too many things.  Unfortunately, this meant having to give something up for a while and this was the only thing I could afford to give up.  

I participated in an online swap that consisted of black and white square within a square blocks.  I'm just waiting to receive my blocks back now.  I didn't have enough black and whites in my stash to make the number of sets I had signed up for.  I love black and white fabrics but I don't collect them.  I did have some in my stash so I made a few extra blocks that I'll add in when I receive my other blocks in the mail.  
I've always wanted to make a black and white quilt so I was very excited to see this swap posted.  If you've never participated in an online swap, you could be missing out.  I was hesitant about joining one myself because I knew there was room for getting burned.  

I first started swapping online when the millenium craze was going on.  It was so exciting to come home everyday and see all those "squishies" in the mail.  Most of the swapped fabric was fine but there were a few that I couldn't use because the fabric was so thin or not cut very well, etc.  If people could be that careless cutting 2.5" or 3" squares, how careful would they be about sewing their block together?  If you have a block hostess that is strict about the quality of the blocks or charms or strips, whatever is being swapped, then you should be very happy with the result. 

My friend, Diana, was the one that "hooked" me up with the swap groups that I currently belong to on Yahoo.  She participated in a Dear Jane block swap.  The blocks she received were exquisite, my mouth waters at the thought of them!  She only signed up for a few sets (depending on the swap, a set could be any number of blocks that are all made into the same block using the same colors, etc.) so she didn't have enough to make a quilt as big as the original pattern.  But, she arranged them nicely as the middle of her quilt and added borders.  She ended up winning first prize in my guild's show that year.  

Having seen her blocks and hear her talk about the other swaps she had participated in made me want to sign up for swaps.  I can't remember what my first swapped block was but I do remember being very pleased with the blocks I received back.  And, I can honestly say I've been pleased with all the blocks I have received through the various swaps I've participated in.  

Now, have I gone on to finish any of the projects started with these blocks?  Of course not!!  But, I do have them all lined up with my other UFO's so I can finish them in plenty of time to add to the others on the chair of shame.

Speaking of the chair of shame, not one project has come off of it, I'm ashamed to say.  I keep looking over there thinking I need to book some time with Mad About Quilts so I can practice the lessons I learned but then I would need the time to actually do that wouldn't I?  I'm hoping by mid-July, I'll finish my niece's wedding top (don't even ask how long she's been married) in time to get that baby on the machine.  I also have another class sample to finish.  Ah, it's never ending is it?

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